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I bet you're wondering what this is all about.  Well, if you've been a regular here, then you know that I've gone through a lot of decorative pictures.  All of the ones featured here were drawn by me.  There's some really nice artwork in all this and I wanted everyone to have a chance to see them.  In other words she wanted to show off.  Vegeta you're so mean!  *sticks tongue out*  Beh!  Don't worry Rose-chan, we still love you, even if you do like to show off.  Goku!  *wails*

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Ah, yes the original logo.  The title's kinda lame, but it was my first computer-colored artwork. Chibis! As you can tell . . . they were my original . . .
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link pictures . . .
cute, ain't they? Meow!  Halloween 2001's intro pic.
Right after I got TOSsed I had a lot of re-construction to do.  I drew this to re-assure those who came to the new site that it would be repaired! Aren't they the sweetest guys?!!   Goku and `Geta wishing me a happy 23rd birthday!
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The old intro pic.  It's not bad, but the new one's sooo much better. The boys harrassing me while I try to write. Attack of the chibis!   Vegeta, me, & Goku all dressed up for Halloween!
2003 edition
Pencil colored version of the 2nd intro pic.  2002 A nice view of the Asylum from outside.  It's a pretty damn big picture.  800x600   It c'n double as wallpaper.  Made this baby entirely in Pantshop Pro.
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Irrashaimase!   Intro pic from late `02 to early `04 Happy 4th birthday Asylum! And our first glimpse of Yami and Hikari Murasaki Rose Ye olde fanfiction pic
And from our fanart archives.  02'-04'
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Christmas Card from 2003 Halloween Intro from 2005