Welcome to the music room!   Grab yourself a set of headphones and a chair, get comfy with a delicious beverage and enjoy!  You must have an mp3 or midi player in order to listen!  Most of them were recorded off of my own CD's, so if you'd like to archive these on your own site, PLEASE give credit to my site and a link back.  NO HOTLINKING!


*~from the album:   Dragonball Z Never Ending Story - 2CD set
*~from the album:   Dragonball Z
*~from the album:   Dragonball Z 18 Special
*~from the album:   Dragonball and Dragonball Z - 4CD set



*Brain Dance

*Cool Cool Dandeel


*Mind Power

*Power of Smile

*Space People

*We Gotta Power
(2nd DBZ theme)



Head Cha La
(1st DBZ theme)