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January 02, 2010

h-roseav.jpg (5015 bytes) - Ossu minna-san!  *waves cheerfully*  We're baaaaack!

y-roseav.jpg (4984 bytes) - Sadly, we don't have much of an update this time.  Just updated a couple banner rotations and changed the pic back from the Halloween one.

August 15, 2009

Happy 10th Anniversary!  Wai!  *bounces around giddily*  The Asylum is ten years old today!  ^____^ Hard to believe I've been doing this for so long.  *shakes head*  As you can tell, there's a new picture on the splash page.  It's the evolution of me (or us since I became a Yami and Hikari) from the beginning.  Those of you who visited the site in the past may recognize the blond-haired one.  (Feeling old yet?)  Anyway, sitewise I didn't get a lot done.  Most of the work I did this time is lay the groundwork for all the changes I have in store, but as you can tell, I've got a lot more work to do.  >_<  I did manage to remove the non-DBZ shrines from the Asylum, they're moving over to the Annex.

May 09, 2009

*peeks head around corner*  Ah.  Okay.  Sorry minna-san!  Been quite a bit busy lately.  *grins sheepishly*  Anyway, this is a real minor update, but it is an update:  I've removed most of the non-DB/Z/GT adoptables from the site.  It's not cause I don't want or like them anymore, but I've got a new site in the works and they're going to be part of it.  ^_^v You'll also find my rant on the new Dragonball movie.  *scowls darkly*  It's not a read for the faint of heart.  There's a much bigger update coming in the near future, but it'll have to wait until after A-kon (Dallas, TX, May 29-31).  My sister and I are going and we still have a lot of work to do on our costumes.

November 08, 2008

Sorry guys, not really an update.  (There is a new possible affiliate though)  Mostly, I just wanted to touch base before I buried my self in my NaNoWriMo project.  Ah yes, hard on the heels of completing my story for the GTAC challenge at Little Dragon, I roll right into an even more insane project:  write a 50,000 word novel by November 30 . . . I AM a complete nutcase.  @_@  Unfortunately this means that you won't be seeing anything new here until December.  But with luck and a little time maybe I'll have a nice Christmas or New Years theme up.  Or maybe I'll just do something for the winter.  Hmmm. . . decisions, decisions.  Anyway, wish me luck!  This is going to be one of my most ambitious projects in quite a long time!  >_<

May 27, 2008

Another small update, but hey, it is an update.  The links section has been completely updated.  All links are current and there are actually a bunch of new ones!   Plus, the most of the fanlisting pages have been updated as well.  ^_^ In other news, my sister Aoi Ryu and I are off to A-kon this weekend!  3 days of anime and fun down in Dallas, Texas!  I'll be cosplaying as Kurama from YuYu Hakusho(red hair, green eyes, and all!).

April 03, 2008

Mini-update!  Altered the code and re-uploaded my fics.  I decided I didn't like them being different from the otheres so now they all have the icon and match the other pages in color. I didn't realize until I started this that I none of my fics were up anymore.  Augh!  Why didn't anyone tell me?!

January 17, 2008

Just a real little update this time around.  First off, the quizes were all updated.   Dead links were removed (Yes, I left the pictures.) and there's a whole bunch of new ones in there too. Actually did some updating on the 3rd floor too.  *waits for everyone to recover from shock*   Mostly did cosmetic work:  fonts, icons, table sizing, etc.  But there is something new.  The first of the episode summaries is finally up!

January 04, 2008

Hey, it's my first update of the new year!  I've been working on the site layout and Goku Girl has sent in a revised version of her fic:  "Just a Nightmare".   There's also a few new things on the 8th floor.  I'm still putting the icon code up while tweaking the site.  I'm reducing the amount of backgrounds and still shrinking fonts.  It's a lot of hard, tedious work, but in the end it'll look a whole lot better. Speaking of floors, you may have noticed we gained a few.  Things were getting a bit disorganized for me, so I decided to move everyone around and open up some of the higher floors for convenience.  I've moved all the kitties ('cept the ones on the 7th floor) to the 8th floor with the other adopted critters.  If you go look you'll see more layout changes.   Damn some of my fonts were huge.  I blame it on a series of crappy-to-substandard monitors.  >_<

September 06, 2007

Got another small update!  Got the icon up through the entire DB wing!  Plus I've shrunk a lot of the font sizes, as well as some other minor visual changes.  I think it looks better that way.  ^_^  Moved ALL the galleries off Anzwers and to this server so there are no more ads in the DB Wing!  I believe I've gotten everything off the freeservers, but I'm not 100% sure.  The site is HUGE so it takes a while to check.  @_@ And once again, we found errors that have been in place for months and no one said anything!  Please tell us when stuff is broken!  We can't fix it if we don't know about it!   Seriously.  Email me or drop a message in the group, even if I don't reply, I do read all my messages.  Anyway, I've also cleaned up the timeline and the DBZ music gallery too.  ^_^;

September 01, 2007

We're not dead, we're resting!  ^_^  Okay, I know it's been awhile, but I've had a lot on my plate these last few months.  Between my sister having her baby, getting a boyfriend, general work insanity, and surviving my senior year of college, I've been a bit busy.  Lately I've been reorganizing my life and hunting for a new job related to my degree.  @_@    But I managed to pull together a small update with some of the things I've been working on.  The first of the changes is a credit problem:  It turns out that the fic by lilstrawberrygirl was not submitted by her, but someone pretending to be her.   However, she's given us permission to keep it up and the appropriate links have been added.  Then as I'm sure you've already noticed, I've redone some of the deco art, updated the banners, joined a few banner rotations and directories, and have been making some changes to the site coding.   It won't be so visible on your end, but it'll make updating the site much easier.

December 17, 2006

Yo!  We're back with a mini-update, just before the new year.  There's not much new stuff this time around.  I was more concerned with getting the new layout set up.  I hope you all like it!  ^_^  In regards to the new stuff:   We've got our first affiliate, Eternity!  In fanfiction:  Otakugirl has changed her name to VegetaMyPrince and has re-edited the first chapter of her fic:  Awaken the Beast.  And in fanart, I've finally finished the Guardians pic, plus I've added the Halloween pic to my gallery.  Oh!  There's also a new mini-banner in the link section.

October 22, 2006

Happy Halloween minna-san!   As promised, we're back with an actual update!  It's not a huge one, but there is some new stuff for ya. We've finally opened the music room in the GT wing.   Four music tracks, plus a midi file of the opening theme.  Then over in fanfiction, we've got a new author, Otaku Girl!

October 19, 2006

Finally someone actually gave us feedback on the broken areas on our site!  *passes out in shock*  X_X   So big thanks to Karalee for helping us out!  If there's been something on the site that hasn't been working before, it should be working just fine now.  ^_^  Look for NEW stuff update in the next day or two.  Ja ne!

June 29, 2006

Well minna-san, the unbelievable has occured and Hell has officially froze over.  What happened you ask?  We finally updated the GT wing up on the first floor.  *giggles at the dropped jaws*   Yup, we moved and updated Goku and Vegeta's galleries, updated the episode list, and finally uploaded the last of the bios Ryan Shinhan wrote for us. In other news, you'll find the last chapters of Camaro's fic:  Monster up in fanfiction.  And a kawaii new Quatre kitty in his shrine.  *squeals happily* You should have also noticed the new intro pic.   It's part of the sketch for the new summer pic.  Look for the completed version next update.   Plus we did a link trade with Dragonball Grand Tour.  You can find it with the info links!  ^_^

April 17, 2006

Another mini-update.  Changed the background image on the 5th floor and updated the About Me page.  Yeah, we're gonna use that pic as our watermark, so we decided to pull it from our websites.  ^_^

March 28, 2006

Mini-update this time around.   We've moved all the shrines on the 4th floor onto our main server.  No more ads! We also checked the links in the El-Hazard shrine.   All but two of them were good.  However we don't have all the pictures back up in that shrine.  For some reason, I don't have the El-Hazard pics on this PC.   But I know where they are so we'll have them up by tomorrow.  ^_^v

March 18, 2006

Yo!  Betcha thought we went and died on ya, ne?  We know that over four months is a loooong time between updates.  But we really have been busy. As always, school and family take priority, and that's what's been taking up all our time.  But we've got one hell of a good update and some fantastic news!  Out server upped our space to 3GB!  More than enough room to move and improve our image galleries.   There's new fanfiction from Cokey the Cat and M.M.Ake and new art from me and ToraTora! And when you've recovered from the shock, go over to the DBZ image galleries and check out all the new images.  We've overhauled, updated, and relocated ALL the galleries we had in there.  There are now over 1,500 images in the DBZ galleries alone!  And that's just for starters!  ^_^

October 26, 2005

Hey ya'll!  *waves*  We'll this year the Asylum celebrated its 6th birthday.  And we didn't do anything special this time.  *pouts* *sighs*  Yeah.  Unfortunately, between Dueling Hearts, running our new fanlistings and going to school it just sorta slipped our minds.   Literally.  At any rate we've got some new fanart from ToraTora in both galleries, along with a new author White Ice Widow, updated work from Goku Girl, and more new fanfiction from Pixelgoddess, Cokey the Cat, and Queen Breeza.  And I'm sure you've all noticed the fanlistings we've joined.   ^_^;  *smiles*  We've also updated the fourth floor!  Added two new shrines, (Kurapika & Quatre), updated three (Ash, Donatello, & MST3K), and we've moved four of them to a different host.   Plus we've updated the links!  *phew*

July 01, 2005

Okies, minna!  We went through the fanart section and while we were moving things around, we found some errors!   But we've fixed all that, so no more missing art work!  Yay! We'd have had it fixed a hell of a lot sooner if people would TELL us when there were problems.  *glares and taps foot in frustration*   ANYWAY, that's all been fixed along with the weird formatting, so the whole fanart page actually lines up nicely again.  Also, the submission rules have been updated.

June 30, 2005

We're baaack!  With new fanfiction from myself, Camaro, Firecracker, Pixelgoddess, and Queen Breeza!  We've got a brand new artist Jishou and have totally overhauled and updated the image galleries in the DB wing!

April 28, 2005

We've been doing a lot of re-arranging.  You won't notice it much, but it's making our life easier.  Much easier. Yup, and we've updated the webrings and links.   Then there's new author Cokey the Cat and more new fanfiction from Pixelgoddess, and Queen of Darkness, plus we've re-edited Love's a Sneaky Bastard.  Chapter 6 is in the works!  There'd be more fanfiction, but hotmail is being stubborn again and won't let me download.  >_<  Then up on the first floor, artist Reina has changed her name to ToraTora and sent in some great new art! Next time look for new image galleries!

February 05, 2005

Okay!  Finally got the fanfiction updated!   Two new authors, plus new stuff from Pixelgoddess!  Also, there are two new mini-shirines on the fourth floor, Ryoko & Kurama, and a massive graphics overhaul on the fifth floor.  The Kurama shrine was put together with the stuff from the Makai & Back. Yeah, we closed down that site last week.  The Kurama galleries and the adoptions are all that's left.  Just kinda lost the drive to work on it, ya know?  But that's okay.  We put the best part over here!   Oh!  Tomorrow's our birthday!   We're gonna be 26!

February 02, 2005

H~iii!!!  Just a little update this time.  We've been doing some re-arranging in the fanart section and some of the misc stuff we've got here. God willing, Fanfiction should be updated by this weekend.

December 31, 2004

Holy shit, we actually finished it!   Yami!  *sighs*   What she's talking about minna is our story, Second Chance for Love.  After a prompt from a fan, we realized that we'd never finished it!  So we dug out our notes and finally wrote the last two chapters!  Please enjoy! Also, there's a new fic from PixelGoddess.   Plus, we've put up the new archive pic and added Chapter 8 of New Friends, Old Problems.  Please let us know what you think!  Next time we'll have a fic from new author Camaro and new stuff from Queen Breeza.  We'd have it up now, but hotmail won't let us download anything!

October 28, 2004

Fanfiction ahoy!  We've got five new authors:  Lanna, Masaka Kurayami, PixelGoddess, Queen Breeza. and Sawnya.  Plus there's some new writings from us and Reda Suki!  Along with an updated version of Darksaiyangoddess'(now Queen of Darkness) fic:  the Shower.  *rolls eyes*   Aw c'mon `Geta, let her have her fun! Like she said we've updated the fanfiction archives along with the art.  Check it out!  We've moved the DB galleries to another server for space reasons, and updated them while we were at it.  Oh and we've also repaired the banner problems, you won't be getting the pages for Dueling Hearts anymore.

August 20, 2004

Well, I finished updating the fanart galleries and I think all the graphics match now.  There still might be one or two odd spots.  *shrugs*   I'll get them all eventually.   Yea, Rose-chan even found an artist she missed!  *grins sheepishly*   It's not our fault we have organization problems.  Che.  *looney onnas*

August 15, 2004

Happy birthday to us.  Happy birthday to us!  *groans*  Can't you EVER be quiet onna!  Mmmm. Nope!  Today's the Asylum's fifth birthday!  We should be celebrating!  Yeah, `Geta.  We turned five and Rose-chan's done all kinds of neato new art for the site! It's not all finished . . . and neither is this update.   I did get the fanart achives updated and "slightly" altered. though.   Gomen ne, minna.  I gotta go to work in a couple hours.

July 01, 2004

Well, after all the searching I did this week and after the link purge I did the week before I've come to a conclusion:  The Asylum is one of the oldest ACTIVE sites, still on the net.  I'm seeing more and more sites collapsing left and right while we just sit here and slowly grow.  Like a fungus.  That's mean `Geta!  *smacks him in the head*  Just `cause we're growing in the shadow of all those bigger, shorter-lived sites don't mean nothin! *sighsAww, c'mon Rose-chan.  We still love you!  ..... but shouldn't you be doing the updates? *smacks head on desk*  Okay.  The ENTIRE first floor as been redone and there is new stuff all over the place up there.   You'll find new summaries, lots of new info, and an eye-friendly upgrade to the entire layout!  Also have added 5 new links up the info and pic listing.  Also, we got an award.  ^___^    Now we're feeling super special!   Next time we're overhaulin' the fanart an' updating the fanfiction!

June 22, 2004

Updated the whole 5th floor.   ^_^  Lots of cuties!  Yami an' I are re-organizing the first floor.   We're tryin' to make it easier to see and add a bunch of new stuff too.   That'll prob'ly go up next time.

June 19, 2004

Been messin' with the html on some of the pages. Some of you will notice, some of you won't. I'm tryin' to make sure everybody sees the same thing when they come here.

June 14, 2004

Rose-chan and Hikari-chan updated the links.  More like over-hauled.  Dead links have been removed . .   And new ones have been added!  Go take a look!  ^_^

June 05, 2004

It's official.  I'm an idiot.  I actually forgot an entire author.  *sighs and beats her head on already cracked desk*   Fortunately, she's observant and noticed our error.   Boy, are we embarressed.  But we've finallly added Stella Quetzacotl to the archives!  Yay!!

June 02, 2004

The looney onna added to her bitch corner- Itai!!  *rubs the new lump on his head from Rose's mallet* *glares at Vegeta*  It's the Rants & Ramblings section you baka!  *grumbles under her breath about smartass saiya-jin princesRose-chan also put up some new reviews up in the attic!  *cocks his head to the side*  Ano, hasn't it been about three years since you added to that Hikari-chan?  *grins sheepishly*   Two years, not three.  And we've even added more art to our gallery!  Go check it out! *sighs*  There's a couple new buttons up in the banners section.  Next time, I'll work on the links.  ^_^

May 27, 2004

So after much wailing and knashing--   And head beating, you can't forget all the head beating we did.  Our poor desk....  *gazes mournfully at the cracked desktop* Hai. Hai.  *nods*  At any rate, we have FINALLY finished re-vamping the Archives!  Whoo hoo!  It was a major pain in the ass, but now everyone's fics are uniform-  `Cept ours, `cause it's our site and Aoi Ryu's `cause she's our sister. *glares at her hikari*  Do you mind?   *notes the sheepish grin of her other half and continues*  Anyway, everyone's been alphabetized, had warnings, genres, pairings, and summaries(where needed) added, and their pages are all the same colors!  No more making up color schemes!   ^__^  There's new stuff from several authors that apparently, I forgot to post.  Some of it's a bit old too.  *grins sheepishly*  So minna, there's new-old stuff from Ran-chan, Noel(who's archives are now working), SatanSpinner67, something like human, and Lisalu!  We've also got a new author:  Kahlaan Nightwing!  And legitimate new stuff from Reda Suki!  Also, the poetry is gone.   =P  Anyone still wants to submit DBZ poetry, that's fine.  Wow Rose-chan, that's a lot of stuff you didn't have up.  That's what she gets for being lazy and unorganized *pouts*  You suck, `Geta.  And as a side note:  If you don't like the summary I gave your fic, please feel free to write another one and mail it over.  ^_^

April 29, 2004

Updated the Hall of Shame, the personality quizes in the Attic, and Reina's fanart gallery.  Still haven't got the fanfiction updated.  My grandfather died last week and I spent the following five days up in Illinois for the funeral.   *sighs*  I'll try and get the fanfiction archives updated before finals.   @_@

April 02, 2004

*holds hands up in surrender*  Okay, okay.  I know.  It's not a fanfiction update.  But damn it, it's a hell of a lot of work re-organizing the archives!  To tide ya'll over, I have finally updated the first floor and it's a big un'.  All bios and summaries are up in the Dragonball Wing!   Now off you go.  Enjoy!  Me, I gotta go to work.  >_<

Mar 01, 2004

Oooo!  New avatars for a new year!  I've got lots of new art and fiction from assorted contributors, so if you've sent me something, it should be up soon, along with a complete re-organization of the archives!  I did however get two of the older authors updated, new fics from Firecracker and DBZPsychofan who has changed her name to Reda Suki!  There's more to come, once I get my shit together and organize everything.  Yami even changed all Reda's, Firecracker's, Baka-chan's, Cherokee Chick's, Chocolate-chan's, Dark Angel's fics to the new color scheme!  Yah, I didn't think Rose-chan'd ever finish!  Che.  The looney onna wouldn't be having these problems if she'd done this from the beginning.  Urusai na!  *flips off Vegeta*

Nov 17, 2003

Rose-chan got yEpErEk's and Aoi Ryu's fics updated and changed to the new style.

Nov 14, 2003

After countless attempts, my server FINALLY let me upload my DJ!  I've had this thing scanned for months!  It's a short Vegeta-centric manga with quality art.  Head on up to the third floor in the Manga & Doujinshi section and check it out!

Nov 12, 2003

Whoo!  New opening pic and snow!  Wee!  I'm sure you've noticed I've got a slightly new look.  *sighs*  Blame that on my hikari.  Or you could blame it on Yami Yugi, since this is all HIS fault.  She's gonna be grousing for awhile so I'll finish this up.  We re-arranged the fifth floor.  Moved a whole bunch a stuff onto our other server so we got more room.  ^_^v  An' Rose-chan got two of the author's pages all updated!  New stuff from M.M. Ake and Sazz!  Looney onna's redoing all of them to match.   She's tired of making up color schemes.

Oct. 23, 2003(same day, more sleep)

Changed the opening theme:  Happy Halloween!  Also, put up a new wallpaper gallery and removed the update dates from the main gallery.  *notices Goku snickering and raises an eyebrow*  Goku, what exactly are you finding so amusing?  *snickers*  Geta's hiding from Hikari-chan again.  I am NOT hiding!  Riiiiiiight.   `Geta!  *pops out from Ra knows where with the intent to glompGah!  *takes off running*   Get away from me you cavity-inducing lunatic!

Oct 23, 2003

Fixed the chibi Gohan pics and the missing Juuhachigo ones.  Now you can view them all.  *sighs and repeatedly beats head against desk*

Oct. 21, 2003

HI!  *waves hands wildly*  I'M BAAAACK!!!  Sorry about the long absence minna, but life got in the way.  I'd tell ya but I don't want to depress ya'll.  Anywho, I'm gonna do a series of little updates until I get caught up.  Okay?  Okay!   Today it's image galleries!  LOTS of image galleries.  There's two new shrines on the 4th floor and a shitload of new galleries up in the DBZ wing.  ^_^  Anyone dissapointed with  the disappearance of Yu-Gi-Oh from the shrine listings will be happy to learn that I have started a third site.  It's just five days old!  "Dueling Hearts" is a Yu-Gi-Oh fansite done in the same spirit as the Asylum:  Smart-ass commentary, dirty jokes, shameless fangirl drooling, bishonen glomping, hell you've been here before.  More of the same insanity.  *grins*  No cards.  I don't understand the game and I don't plan on trying.  I also seem to have aquired myself a hikari or "light" half.  She'll be showing up around here later.  There's also some new stuff up in the Attic.  Links to my blog and Goku n `Geta's blurty, more personality tests I've taken, and a new staff page!  No my hikari isn't in there yet.   I don't even have a picture of her!

Jun. 30, 2003

Whoo hoo hooo!!!!!  The fanart galleries have been repaired!  As have the GT galleries!!   And why didn't anyone tell me the hentai gallery wasn't working?  Hmm?   Ma iika, I fixed that too.  There's an illustration of Sean and Chujitsu in Life's Little Miracles that my sister Nashi drew for me.  You can find the full pic in her other gallery.  I also went and renovated the entire attic.  What can I say?  I got a bit carried away.

Jun. 29, 2003

Okies I got Kawaii stuff on the fifth floor working all right, but Fortune City's being a pain in the ass so I'm still having trouble with the fanart and GT galleries.  However, I did manage to update the Fanfiction and Fanart links.  ^_^  Dumped all the deleted sites in there, updated the ones that moved, and added a couple newbies.  ^_^v   Also went ahead and updated the 6th floor a bit.  You can actually see the pictures!

Jun. 23, 2003

I'd like to offer my sincerest apologies minna-san.  I'm afraid the Asylum's full update has not been completed.  The boys kinda jumped the gun while I was sleeping last night.  *sighs*   My computer is giving me fits and I'm having a terrible time completing some sections.  (fanart, GT image galleries, kawaii stuff)   Rest assured, I'll hammer this problem out in the next day or two.  *glares at computer*  Even if I have to use a real hammer.  `Til then, enjoy the sections that ARE up.

Jun 22, 2003

Rose-chan's asleep right now, so `Geta an I get ta do the updates!  The looney onna wore herself out.  So you damn well better appreciate this!  Lessee, there's some new authors now!  Falconess, DBZPsychoFan, lilstrwberygal, and yEpErEk just got admitted!  Nashi finally got her fic started so ya c'n check that out too!  An then Rose-chan, Raine-sama, Firecracker, KC, and Sazz all wrote some new stuff for ya!  Ano . . . Rose-chan, David, Reina, Devil, and Nashi drew some more pictures too . . . They're really neat!  Baka   *pouts*  That's not nice `GetaOf course it isn't, you baka!  Now hurry and finish the damn update!  *affects wounded look*  All right, ya meanie.  Okay, the GT wing is open on the 1st floor, there's image galleries an' bios up there.  She also put up some new pictures in the DBZ wing.  ^_^  Rose-chan met another idiot and put him in the Hall of Shame, she put some more pics up in the *blushes* Yaoi galleries, added a new Hentai gallery,  *blushes dark red*  added some new rants ta the Rant's N' Ramblings, an' she fixed up the link pages too.  *smiles*   Oh!  The fourth floor is open!  There's some nifty galleries from El-Hazard, TMNT, and MST3K!  An . . . *blinks twice*  Ano, minna?   Are you okay?  Che, they fainted.  Baka ningen.   *kicks visitors in the side*  Oi!  Get up!  Go and look at the bak onna's work! 

Apr 16, 2003

Oyo minna!   Long time no see!  Well, I've been awful busy these last few weeks and I have a major update *grins sheepishly*  just not right now.  *ducks to avoid flying projectiles*  I've got two tests and a presentation this week or I'd already have it done.  Rest assured I'll have the next real update done sometime next week.  *crosses fingers*  Until then check out my other site:   The Makai & Back.  It's a Yu Yu Hakusho fansite that I've been working on for a couple months now.  ^_^  You wouldn't believe all the sulking I've been putting up with from Goku and Vegeta.  *sighs*

Dec 24, 2002

Merry Christmas minna-san!   Long time not update, ne?  After a quick scan of the 2nd floor I discovered that several residents had escaped without finishing their works!  The dust is nearly an inch thick in their rooms and they've left me no way to contact them, so I'm closing their rooms and taking down their unfinished works.  If anyone knows where to find them, please let me know!   Dark Raven is also MIA but she left me an email address so we'll see what her situation is.  Asylum MIA's:   Scott H., Silver Galaxy, Travis M.  I've got a new one-shot shonen-ai fic called Life's Little Miracles up.  Don't get too excited minna, it focuses on two of my original characters, but if you enjoy my other writings I think you'll like it.  There's also a new chapter up for Destiny Calls!  Yay!  And in even better news . . .   Firecracker and Kiya-sama have joined the Asylum and M.M. Ake is back!   *dances about happily*  There's new stuff from Sazz too!   On the 3rd floor we've got new stuff from me(both of my galleries and doujinshi) and Nashi. And there's new artists Kakarotto-chan and Reina!  There's a few new odds n' ends in the Attic and a hilarious 10 list in the basement!   There's a new gallery in the DBZ wing on the first floor and I've added a new webring section to the sixth.  Finally overhauled the links section so the broken ones should be gone and there's a bunch of new ones too.  And I'm sure you've noticed the little avatar, that's somthin' I just felt like putting up.  Isn't it cute?  It's a waste of time and space, you crazy onna!   I dunno `Geta, I think they're neat!  You would, baka.  *sighs and shakes head*   Boys.

September 20, 2002

Anniversary update special!  New stuff everywhere!!!  Okay so it's a little late, but my family moved, then I was out of town for a wedding on the actual day and to top it off, school started the day after we got back so I've had next to no time to work!  o_O  Gave myself a new look and decided to make the boys dress a little more normal.  Not that there's anything "normal" about those two.  *giggles*  Oooo have I been evil lately!  There're sooooo much new stuff I'm gonna have to separate it by floors!

First Floor:   The Son and Vegeta family galleries are back!  I've also opened up the DBZ music room and the Resident Files!
Second Floor:  There're new chapters for Destiny Calls and Two Worlds, One Woman!  Oh, I finally gave all the Guardians last names too.  ^_^   I've also re-edited chapters 1-5 of New Friends, Old Problems so now it's enoyable to read!  Two new sections in fanfiction:  What's in a Name? and Family Trees and I've divided the Lemon, Yaoi, & Yuri into two sections.  There's also new authors Baka-chan, Sazz, KC, and Cherokee Chick joining the Asylum, and there's new stuff from something like human and Raine H!!  I've also done some editing and have removed several authors work.  These were removed due to need of EXTENSIVE editing on the authors part.  I am being much stricter with my editing policy from now on.  To any new authors, I strongly suggest you get a beta reader.  I've got two and we still find errors later!
Noel-chan, I can't find your files!!!  Wah!!! *wails and throws huge hissy fit*   I had them when I left but now I can't find any of them!  And I couldn't email you because hotmail deleted nearly a third of my email addresses!  Please give me a yell either at my hotmail address or at: murasaki_rose@dbzmail.com

Third Floor:  I finally finished three of my request pics!   One that's sure to be enjoyed by most of the Asylum's male visitors and maybe some of the females, one for my little cousin, and one of Raine's character Zafira.  I've also added a few other pics of my choice.  There's a lovely Radditz x Vegeta pic by Nashi in the yaoi gallery!  (I swear to you, she actually squealed when she saw the background I made for her.  One of those ultra high-pitched ones.)  I also did a little tweaking in there too.
Fifth Floor:  Hai, more kawaii goodness.  Everybody squeal!
Sixth Floor:  Added a new section, an art request and project status page.  Find out what I've been asked to do, what I'm working on, and how far along I am to finishing it!  There's also a few new banners.  That and I went and updated my links again.
Attic:  More of my wild ravings in Rants and Ramblings and an update to About Me.  I started a group, it's kind of like an interactive newsletter.   I also got one of those executive ball clickers.  Ooo, pretty.
Basement:  Got an email from a new idiot so the Hall of Shame gained a new member!

June 05, 2002

I got everything off of Anzwers, yeah!  No more porno banners!!!  Yatta! Yatta!! YATTA!!!  Allright, updates!   Interlude 1 and chapter 11 of Destiny Calls and chapters 2, 3, & 4 of Two Worlds, One Woman are up.  *grins*  There's also a short humor fic, Hotwheels and an angsty one, Nightmares in the stand alone archives.  Oh and I can't forget the yaoi fic Shower Fun!  *hentai grin*.  Three new authors have joined the Asylum!  Something like human, with the wonderfully addictive Over the Rainbow series, Dean with To Love and Be Loved, and Funkypunk bringing two lovely, romance fics.   And Raine brings us chapter 3 of her fic Jaded!  Now that I have survived finals, I'm going to try and beef up the fanfic sections.   All of them.  I've got a huge list of potential residents, all very talented, from just about every genre.  So keep an eye out for new work!  The fanart/manga section has been updated too.  New stuff all over the place in there!  There's lots of new yaoi pics and I even managed to get another one of my dj's scanned!  *bounces excitedly, tail wagging happily*  The reviews are back with a few new ones for your reading entertainment.  OH!  Guess what?!  I finally updated the first floor!   There's pics of Kuririn and Juuhachigo in the DBZ wing!  Links have also been updated and overhauled and there's a new entry in Rants & Ramblings.

April 14, 2002

Ossu minna!  Ora Goku!  Rose-chan got rear-ended by an SUV so she's letting me do the update!  Who's Rose-chan?  It's Jianu!  She changed her name to Murasaki Rose.  So `Geta and I'll be calling her Rose-chan now.  She put up a lot of new pictures and fics.  And I finally know where my quote in the lemon archives came from!  Yahooo!!!   ITAI!!!!  *winces and holds neck*  Stupid whiplash.   Woman shut up and let the baka do the update!   Fine.  Be that way.  See if I care.  *goes off to sulk in cornerHurry up and finish already, Kakarott!   Okay, new stuff!  There's lots of new pics by Rose-chan in both of her galleries.  Most of them are in her regular gallery.  Let's see  . . . what else . . . *wrinkles nose thoughtfully*   . . . Oh yeah!   Lots of new fanfic bios, Part 2-Act I of Purgatory and What They Found There, Chapter 10 of Destiny Calls and there's the beginnings of two new epics:  Peace Can't Last Forever and Two Worlds, One Woman!  There's new stuff from Misty and Raine Hannigan!  Rose-chan re-did her bio too.   There's new junk in the basement.   Up in the attic, there're more Rants & Ramblings!  Also known as as Rose's Bitch Corner. *POW!!*  ITAI!!  *rubs lump on head made by Rose's new mallet*  What was that for woman! You know exactly what that was for you jerk!  You better watch it, or I'll knock you out next time! *blinks*  Say `Geta?  Did I remember everything?  Damn it Kakarott!  I told you not to call me that!!

Feb 07 - Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!   Yesterday I turned 23!!  Like the present I got?  My favorite saiya-jin all to myself.  *sighs happily*   I promised a huge fanfic update and I wasn't kidding.  Of my own works:   Chapters 8 & 9 of Destiny Calls, two PWPs one is a lemon called Alone at Last and the other's a yaoi lemon titled Kitchen Fun,  and Parts 7 & 8 of Second Chance for Love. Oh, I like that one!  *sighs in frustration*   See why this takes me so long?  There's also 3 new fics from Raine Hannigan, part 2 of M. M. Ake's Mahru's Heart, part 4 of Noel's The Four Fates, and new author Chocolate-chan brings us a wonderful 5-part Trunten fic called Exposure!   In sadder news, Necron will not be completing his fic and has been released from the Asylum to rejoin society.  I wish him the best of luck.

Jan 30 - Thought I died didn't you?  Nope, I'm just taking Trig this semester. @_@  The Goku & Vegeta galleries are back and better than before!  It's about damn time.  *glares at Vegeta*  Urusai!  If you're interested, the About Me section has been restored too.  Fanart has been moved from Netscape to Fortune City, cause Netscape sucks and Fortune City lets me use ftp.  So now you should be able to view everything.  New pics by me and Nashi (formerly Rei-chan) she did a bitchin' shot of Radditz..  There's also a new section in fanart called Digital Gallery and you can finally get into the manga section again.   There's a ton of new fanfiction going up next time.  I just didn't have the time or energy to post it this week.   I'm slowly reorganizing and will soon be moving the fanfiction section.  Anzwers is getting a little randy for my tastes.  Now if they had an equal number of male exploitation banners then maybe. . . JIANU!!!  What?!  Hentai onna. Your point?  Ano, what is our point, `Geta? Baka yarou!  I told you to NEVER call me that.  Why?   *giggles*  `Cause he's still bent outta joint over Lonely Hearts, that's why.  Oh.  *blushes*  *grins evilly*  Just wait til I get my next yaoi fic started!  You're doing another one?!!  ^_~*   BTW:  My birthday is next week!  Presents will be accepted!

Nov 28 - Tons of new stuff!  The first floor, fifth floor, and basement are all open!  Yahoo!  There's just a few of the image galleries though on the first floor.  Be patient with me minna that was all I could salvage of the galleries, the rest I'll have to rebuild from scratch.  @_@  One new pic by me over in the fanart and tons of new fanfiction!!  From myself:  Chap 7 of Destiny Calls, Act I of a new fic, Aijo Saisho ni Nichibotsu, and Part 1 of Purgatory and What They Found There.   New authors Misty, Dark Raven, and Ricky join us while M. M. Ake and Noel treat us to new works!  Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna go pass out.  *collapses to floorBaka onna, you know better than to over-stretch yourself.  Ano Vegeta?  Shouldn't we move her?  *sighs in exasperation*  We'd better or we'll have to listen to her whine all day tomorrow about her neck.  *glares at readers*  And just what the Hell are you still doing here?!  Go see what this baka has been putting together for you!   NOW!!!  Calm down Vegeta, you'll wake her up. . . . . . . . . . .

Nov 10 -  And they thought they could get rid of me!  MWUAH HA HA HA HA!!!  What do you think of the new location?  And the layout for that manner?  For reasons still unknown, Tripod TOSsed me.  Feh.  Fine, I had to redo the layout anyway.   But still it pisses me off that I didn't even get an explanation.  So I finally caved and bought my own little piece of the web.  In other words, if you don't like what I do, tough!  The only one you can complain to now is me!  Ha ha ha!  Fanfics & fanart are still working as are some of the minor sections.   Don't worry, I'll be working hard to make the asylum even better than before.  It'll be days before I sleep.  *sigh*

Oct 18 - Okay, it's official, I'm a total dork.  One typo, just one little typo and half of my stuff wouldn't work.  Gah!  And it only took me three weeks to figure it out.   Baka!  Baka!  Baka!  *smacks head against desk for emphasis*   So anything that isn't working, should be by the end of the week . . . hopefully.   ANYWAY, this is a very small update, I rescanned the beefcake pic and added my own kitty versions of Goku & Vegeta, their soooo kawaii!  Made a special pic for halloween for the front page, what do you think?  I'm also the official glomper of Ash!  Yea!!  He's just sooo huggable!

Oct 10 - Holy cow has it been a looong time!!  Gomen nasai!!  *wails loudly and drops to knees*  September was a real $#!++& month for me.   I  had several crisises hit one right after another so I had to get my $#!+ together first.  Lots of goodies for you!  Two count them, two new authors!  Yahoo!  Friederike wrote an awesome yaoi fic and Noel sends us the first part of what promises to be an incredible epic titled the Four Fates.  Shay-dee Ray has sent a sequel to Zafira's Story, yes!!  All of these are definite  MUST-READS.  Look for a new cross-over author at my next update!  As far as my own stuff goes:  After much head-beating and screaming sessions, chapter 6 of Destiny Calls is finished!  Yea!!  Now maybe people will stop throwing rocks at me.  Chapter 2 of Look to the Past is up, and with Vegeta and Goku still hopelessly worn out from our "activities" I was able to successfully complete Part 5 of Lonely Hearts!   You know the old saying "What they don't know, won't hurt them"   ^o^  If you don't know what I'm talking about when I say "activities", take a look at the bottom of my start page.  *grins evilly*  Moving on . . . The DBZ image section has been updated!  New Goten & Trunks pics!  I caught myself some more Bishonen!  But since kawaii stuff was so full I decided to build on to that wing and gave my kitties and bishounen their own rooms to roam.  Also new, a pic of all seven Dragonball Guardians!  Man was that a pain in the neck, but it was worth it!  There's also a new black & white pic of Jianu, a sexy shot of Goku and Vegeta, and a sweet pic of Kuririn and Juuhachigo up in my pics section, there's also a lovely Gohan/Videl pic in the hentai section.  Just for fun I've been doing a little re-decorating in my galleries, nothin' major.  I'm probably moving my "adult" fanart back to Geocities or to my new server Netscape.   Anzwers is just giving me way too much grief.  I'm beginnning to think it isn't Front Page compatible.  @_@  So if you haven't been able to see anything, keep checking back!

Sept 12 - This isn't so much of an update.  It's more of a request.  Please everyone offer your prayers and assistance to those who suffered from yesterdays terrorist attacks.  God be with us all.  I've put up a rant rergarding this over in Rants, Reviews, and Ramblings but be warned, I was extremely angry when I typed it and there is a lot of swearing involved.

Sept 05 - Ta da!  Okie dokie, I decided to move my updates over here so they'd stop cluttering up my entrance page.  I've got enough junk up there already.  You may have noticed all my text titles are changing.  I want everything to match, so it won't be too confusing for the residents.  Adopted nine new kitties, they're very good for the residents ya know.  Went through my links again and deleted the ones I know are gone.  It was kinda sad really, a whole bunch of pages went down this year.   Some of them I wasn't too suprised to see gone though, they either hadn't been updated in years or just had a handful of pics and info.  The sad ones are The Dragon World, Kame House, and Dragonball Saiyan Land.  You guys will be missed.  There's four new Goku x Vegeta yaoi pics over in the Misc section, plus I revamped it a little and moved it from Geocities to Anzwers.  Whaaaat??!!! (giggles)  Don't mind those two, they always freak out when I update my yaoi stuff.  Now, if something isn't working, please let me know!   Anzwers has been giving me one HFIL of a hard time and if it doesn't work I'm going to move my stuff elsewhere.  Added two new bios in my fanfic section and updated all the others. Yea!!  And after a major re-editing session, the return of Look to the Past!  It's actually worth reading!  A totally new prologue, and chapter 1 are all up!   Yatta!  I've almost finished one of my request pics.  Look for it at my next update!  There's some great new pics by Kajiina over in the fanart.   Go see!  Fixed my old button, made two new ones, as well as a new moving banner and one more banner.  Now to answer a question I've been getting a lot:   I promise I'm still working on Destiny Calls.  My problem is that I've been writing some of my later chapters and I have to make sure that the next few ones make sense and will get to that point.  That and I've been doing some much needed repair work to Look to the Past.  I've got some great new fics from several talented authors coming soon!  I just gotta html them first.  (grins sheepishly)   ^_^;  It doesn't help that I'm easily distracted by shiny things.  Ooo!  What's that over there?

Aug 15 - Like my new pic?  I drew, scanned and colored it myself, so don't take it!  You've probably noticed the new name too, it's much more appropriate than the old one.   It's my site's birthday and have I got the mother of all updates today.  The entire fanfiction section has been redone, and I mean redone.  There's new stuff all over the place in there!  I gutted and tore down Hopes and Aspirations as well as One Day at a Time and turned their chapters into one-shots.  It's much better this way.  (starts sniffling sadly Knock it off woman!!  Oi, go easy on her Vegeta, it took a lot for her ta do that.  Thanks Goku-san.  (gives Vegeta a dirty look)  Beh!  Anyway, back to the updates!  I've added a two-part prologue to Lonely Hearts (which I'm gonna re-edit), begun the change from one-shot to epic for Bound by Destiny and a new lemon one-shot Right There by my Side.  There's new fics from Usagi-chan, Shay-dee Ray, and Ran-chan!  A pic of Necron's main character, drawn by Necorn himself and a new author, Travis!  Over in the fanart gallery, Makoto-chan is back with a vengance!  All her old pics plus four new ones!!   Ana-chan has changed her name to Rei-chan and has a new pic of Bulma up.  And I found five older pics I drew in a different artbook, chibi Goku, chibi Vegeta, and three of chibi Gohan.  So much kawaiiness!!  I also got one of my doujinshi's scanned and put up.  It's sooo kawaii!!  There are three Gohan and Piccolo stories, with a teeny, tiny, hint of yaoi and an adorable story with chibi-Gohan.  And no, I didn't draw it, but I paid for it!  Speaking of doujinshi's Rei-chan has started a hilarious one of her own, Vegeta vs Jigglypuff.   You have to see it!  Over in the DBZ section I finally put up some of my Goku & Vegeta pics!!  Lots of wonderful shots of my two favorite guys.   Aww, Jianu! (Goku's blushingWhatever. (Vegeta doesn't look too thrilled.Well you are.  ^_~*  I made several new banners for you to chose from and fixed one of my old ones, I'll work on the button next.  Also, News and Reviews has been replaced with Rants, Reviews, & Ramblings.  I'm too busy to keep the news section properly updated.  Well, I'm worn out from all this so I'm gonna take some much deserved time off and play video games.   Now go and enjoy!

July 31 - Not really an update today, but I did want everyone to know that the Girlz Choice Summer Awards have started and that I'm competing in three different categories:   Creativity, Fanfiction, and Fanart.  So if ya like what I do, please show your support and vote!  Just click on the links above the entrance pic.  It won't take that long, I promise!

July 25 - Drumroll please . . . . . . (looks down at watch and starts tapping foot)  I said drumroll please!  (stomps over and bops both Goku and Vegeta in the back of the head) Are you two listening?!  We are not your personal band, woman!!  Besides, we don't have drums.  Sigh.  All right, allright!   Forget the drumroll.  Jeez, what am I gonna do with you two?  Anyway, I am pleased to announce the grand opening of my Hentai & Yaoi Gallery!!!!  I'm a teeny bit perturbed that only one person sent me anything for this section, but ma iika.  Four drawings by me, one by M. M. Ake, and some misc doujinshi shots.  I think it's a good start.  There's also a new pic of Marion in my fanart!  I got my first award!!!  (dances around room, tail wagging happily)  New fanfiction!  From me:  a new stand alone fic, A Late Night's Musings, Part 6 of Second Chance for Love, and a PG-13 version of Second Chance for Love.  New author Sarah brings us a sweet yaoi fic that you have to read!  And once again, I've updated my links section.  I can't believe I didn't have a link to Little Saru's page!  Baka!  Baka!  Baka!  (smacks forehead repeatedly)   Makoto-chan, Ana-chan, and Usagi-chan all have sent me new fics and pics for my next update, so keep an eye out for their stuff soon!