Rose has issues . . .

Ah yes, my writings and notions made visual.  *grins*  You'll notice that I've placed both the pictures of the Z senshi(and family) and my own characters all in the same gallery.  ^_^v  If there's a character or scene you'd like to see or you've got an idea for a pic, email me and maybe I'll draw it for ya.  ^_~*

  I am no longer taking requests for original characters not my own!
My time is limited and I am getting far too many non-DBZ requests.


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Happy Halloween 2006


Goku and Vegeta get into the spirit of the holiday.
The Dragonball Guardians


Finally the completed version of this picture.  @_@  This pic shows them at  age 8.
From left to right:  Akira Wales (1 star), Marion Sydney (5 star), Chujitsu Montreal (6 star), Sean Dublin (7 star), Jianu Kreiger (3 star), Miraku Nagata (2 star), & Takeshi Rio (4 star).

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Son Goku


Proof I watch too much Yu-Gi-Oh.   Bust shot of Goku in a very tight top.
Gemini Cosplay G Yami and Hikari Murasaki Rose as the card "Gemini Elf".

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The Dragonball Guardians - Sketch


This pic shows them at  age 8.    I'm gonna have to lower the picture a bit, so you can tell that Jianu's sitting on a stool. If you look carefully, you can see that Sean and Chujitsu are levitating behind the others so they can be seen.
From left to right:  Akira Wales (1 star), Marion Sydney (5 star), Chujitsu Montreal (6 star), Sean Dublin (7 star), Jianu Kreiger (3 star), Miraku Nagata (2 star), & Takeshi Rio (4 star).

Vegeta - Goth style


Request picture.  Our favorite saiya-jin no ouji dressed all in black.

Two Sides


Animation of my light and dark halves.  Chibis!

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A Night Under the Stars G

Request pic.  Me sitting outside under the stars.

Rose in Armor PG Request pic.  Every saiya-jin should have a good set of armor.  At least that's what I've been told.  So here's mine!  ^_^v  As you can tell, it's mainly just for show.  =P
Rescue PG From Destiny Calls.  A very pissed-off Vegeta holding his onna for the first time.
To Defend PG Request pic.  Once again Goku is a sword-wielding knight, but this time his opponent is about to meet his end by Kamehameha.
Look to the Past  PG Title pic for my fic by the same name!
Spring G Request pic.  Goku and Chichi in festival kimonos
Super Ningen Debra PG-13 Request pic.  Jianu's mother in her super form.

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Flashback PG

DBZ's first couple Goku and Chichi as adults in the same outfits they met in.

Bra G A nice headshot of the the demi-saiya-jin princess
Videl G Another headshot.  I drew her with the pigtails `cause I think she looks better with long hair.
Marron G Kuririn and Juuhachigo's only child all grown-up.  Another headshot.
Pan G A grown-up headshot of DBZ's only quarter-saiya-jin
Jianu SSJ4 PG Say what?!  A teaser pic for an upcoming fic of mine.

The next four pics are from my story Destiny Calls.  It seems to be quite popular so I finally got off my butt and started drawing pics of the characters.

Battlefield PG Jianu prepares to ki-blast an enemy ship while in mid-flight.
Warrioress PG-13 Splattered with her enemies blood, Chichi rests after a grueling fight.  It's no wonder Kakarott couldn't resist her.  *grins*
Warrioress sketch PG-13 The sketch turned out so nice I had to put it up too.
Soldier PG Man was this a pain!  I had to redraw him twice and even then my dad said he still looked off-balance.  Ma iika, it looks good anyway.  Kakarott lifting the remains of a ship over his head.
Chibi Laura G Finally a pic of Jianu's baby sister and Goten & Trunks partner in crime.  At age nine, this tomboy is awful cute.
Chibi Sean G Character study of the chishinchuu kanshinin at age 8. He looks so kawaii with his Sage-style haircut!
Laura G All grown up, this warrioress is quite a catch.  It's a wonder her best friends Goten & Trunks haven't pursued her.  Or have they?
Chibi Ana(1) G Jianu's pigtailed little sister at age 3.  Who could resist a face like that?
Chibi Ana(2) G Ten years old and following in mama's footsteps.  Ana even sports the same basic gi.
Evening Wear PG-13 Finally, I finished another request pic!  They've given birth to Chikyuu's most powerful warriors, and still look fabulous!  Chichi, Debra, and Bulma show off their special "evening wear".  If you like Elegance, you'll love this!
Dragonballs G When I took my artbook with me on vacation, my little cousin Curt kept asking me if I had all seven dragonballs in my book.  Well, I didn't then, but now I do.  For you Curt, all seven dragonballs.  ^_^
Two Worlds, One Woman G *grins*  the title pic for a story I was challenged to write!
Zafira G a request pic, Raine's version of Vegeta's fiesty mother in her armor
Checkmate PG This was a request pic from the grandson of a co-worker.  He wanted an action shot of Goku and this is what came to mind.  Dressed as a magic wielding knight, Goku prepares to deliver the final blow to a monsterous creature.
Queen Zafira G a much more formal version
Kiichigo G MY version the mother of Kakarott and Radditz.  This is a much improved version of the original picture.
Anzu Ouhi G MY version of Vegeta's mother.
Soul Bound Siblings G Blood-bond siblings, Jianu and Vegeta in both their normal and super forms
Kisses & Roses PG Warning!!   Shonen-ai MxM!!  A tender moment for Goku and Vegeta complete with flowers.

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Mirai Trunks & Mirai Laura G

Character study of the two senshi from the future.

If the gown fits . . . PG-13 Another first!  This is my first sexy pic!  Of course now that I've done one I'll have to draw more.  ^_~*  Anyway, here she's checking out her profile just like in To Catch a Tiger . . ..
Daddy's Little Girl G This one is sooo cute!  It's Vegeta holding his new baby girl.
Embrace PG-13 My second sexy pic!  It's the first DBZ couple, Goku and Chichi.  This pic's a little spicy but it's nothing you can't handle.
Chibi Akira G Character study of the iishinchuu kanshinin at age 8.
Chibi Takeshi G Character study of the suushinchuu kanshinin at age 8.
Hanabira & Capullo G Tenshinhan's and Ranchi/Kushami's twin daughters from DBZ-Revolution
Chibi Marion G Character study of the oushinchuu kanshinin at age 8.
Chibi Chujitsu G Character study of the ryushinchuu kanshinin at age 8.
Legend of the Warriors G This is the cover pic for my first doujinshi.
Welcome to Heaven, Son Gohan G And this is the splash page for the prelude-part one.  It has nothing to do with the story but it looks so cute!  It's mirai Gohan at age nine and mirai Jianu at age twelve rollerblading together.  Very kawaii.
Miraku G The arushinchuu kanshinin all grown-up.  I'd say he's about eighteen here.
Super Ningen Jianu G I've talked about this form in so many of my fics.  I created this particular style of "super human", so if you want to use it, you have to ask first.  This is my human version of the "super saiya-jin" transformation.  I think Jianu looks really cool here.
Caught PG-13 Oooo!  Kami this one turned out nice!  It's a spicy pic but you have to read Second Chance for Love first or this one won't make any sense!
Elegance PG Boys, break out the buckets so ya won't drool on your keyboards!  It's Chichi, Debra, and Bulma looking damn good in some fancy dresses that fit their personalities.  I've wanted to do this for quite a while now and I'm very pleased with the results.
Pretty, but no Pushover G Just because you're raised a warrior doesn't mean you can't wear a skirt.  Marion, the oushinchuu kanshinin, may be a fighter but she's all woman.
School DayZ G OH MY GOD!!  All seven Dragonball Guardians!  It almost didn't fit on my stupid scanner.  Here the seventeen year-olds pose for a picture in their school uniforms.  Sean's got Sage hair going on.  I think he looks cute.   From left to right:  Akira, Miraku, Jianu, Takeshi, Marion, Chujitsu, & Sean.
Jianu B&W G This is just a black and white sketch of her in non-DBZ style.   I really like how it turned out.
Beefcake PG Helloooo nurse!  This one's for the girls!  Goku. Vegeta. No shirts. Need I say more?
Kuririn &#18 PG DBZ's most over-looked official couple in a tender moment.
Goku Kitty G I did these before I did my Halloween pic
Vegeta Kitty G Too kawaii for words, ne?
Jianu in Armor G exactly what it says.  Here the little Guardian is 12 years old.
Goku & Vegeta PG I drew this one for Ran-chan.  Just a hug between SSJ4's.
Irresistible PG Warning!!   Shonen-ai MxM!!  Straight out of my fic Lonely Hearts, Goku can't keep his feelings hidden any longer.
Defender PG-13 Warning!!   Shonen-ai MxM!!  This was entirely inspired by Angelus' We Are the Conquerors, We Are the Conquered.  An old friend steps way out of line and Goku comes to the defense of his new mate.
DJ (Vegeta)
DJ (Goku)
PG-13 Warning!!   Shonen-ai MxM!!  I drew these a looong time ago when I had planned on turning my fic Lonely Hearts into a dj.  But scrapped the idea when I decided that my fic was too cute.  These panels are the inner dialogues of the two saiya-jin from the prologue.

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Makoto and Trunks G

My baby sister with her favorite guy, both at age 12.

Aoi Ryu & Vegeta G My other little sister with her favorite saiya-jin.
Debra Kreiger G Character study of Jianu's mom.
Chibi Jianu G Character study of the sanshinchuu kanshinin at age 8.
Chibi Miraku G Character study of the arushinchuu kanshinin at age 8.
Gohan & Videl PG Romantic shot of the pair.

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Kuririn G Just a kawaii shot of him as a chibi.
Chibi Goku G Ready for his first Tenkaichi Budokai.  He's about twelve here.
Chibi Vegeta G Who would suspect that something this cute could be so dangerous?
Chibi Gohan(1) G All dressed up and ready to go!
Chibi Gohan(2) G Wonder whatever happened to that sword?
Chibi Gohan(3) G First battle jitters.