Shane’s Top 10 Reasons You Know You’re In Springfield, MO

10) Things to do...see a movie...visit one of five Wal-Mart stores...see a movie...visit the other four Wal-Mart supercenters.

9) Local news reports like a first hand account of driving on the new Highway 65 overpass six feet higher than the original road. Now that’s progress!

8) Going to the park at 3pm with the forecast calling for clear/sunny skies. Weather alert at 3:05pm calls for severe T-storms/damaging winds/ please seek shelter immediately.

7) “Our” non-pro baseball team: The “Ozark Mountain Ducks” -Location:   Ozark, Mo

6) “Our” fun/entertainment activities: Branson Shows/attractions -Location:   Branson, Mo

5) People here are either: (a)college students (b)retirees (c)lost and looking for Branson.

4) Getting thru a traffic light on the 3rd light change if you’re lucky!


2) The new star of the primetime show “The Bachelor” resides from our town:   We’re on the map now!

And the #1 reason you know you’re in Springfield, MO:

1) For weeks to come the talk of the town is the much-hyped opening of a Krispy Kreme shop w/Springfield police directing traffic. Donuts and cops...hmmmmm.