Man, I don't come down here too often!
It's all dark and really, really dusty.

Ah-ah-achoo!!  *sniffles*  Watch out for dust bunnies!


Too Much DBZ?!! - Signs that you really need to go outside and re-join the rest of the world.

Hall of Shame - My showcase of baka yaros who really thought they could change my ways.  The fools.  Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Bumper Stickers - Amusing internet bumpers.  They serve no purpose other than to entertain.

The Asylum Editorials - Basically, it's a mailing list.  It's also a handy way to keep track of the comings and goings here at the Asylum and a great way to put in your two cents worth!   ^_~*

10 Reasons You Know You’re In Springfield, MO - A list my friend Shane put together about our hometown.  The sad part is . . . it's all true.  ^_^,