Hall of Shame


Welcome to the place where I display all the emails, guestbook entries, and reviews that come to me from the close-minded, the bizarre, and the just plain dense.  Just sit back, relax, and have a good laugh, just like I did.


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From Mediaminer:

DJ Fusion found this and brought it to my attention.  Why did she bother you ask?  Well, deep in the center of this juvenile temper tantrum is the name of yours truly.  Oddly enough, this was in the description of someone's(who shall remain nameless) artwork.

i hate Kaya Kioko messa Marla spike's jennyjem videlsuper Minky Serenitatis
elvisisdead Genaminna03 AyekaShinigami Corey chan arcthalia : SanitSaaio kityasha K-Chan_Kes
Lovely Videl (ribo is a Bitch) (kairi is jerky)
Android18_is_cool (Black Lightning Wolf, Goggle Girl, + Black Bandit have's a to long of a name a dum name) (Teen-Kagome a fat asshole she's a bitch) Angelic
Arista Pendragon
The Red Saiyaness
Allisa Videls daughter
Murasaki Rose(
look there I am!) all of you go to hell
xshiny Ember Tifa-Chan Innotech K-Chan_Kes chichiri no miko Katrina Kadabra pearsmallsky Yuuki-Bi Hol
Kurishojo Sailor_Jade Tenshi-Megami The Clow Hatter Kreisi Muun Water_Spirit ChibiKoneko ( Toi-Chan Like's Feet)
Kay_Chan Megumi vita_vp videl Eternal Cosmos JoSav and many more that i hate

my reply: So I emailed the kid and this is what I wrote.   Hell, if someone hates me I wanna know why.

Subject:  Do I even know you?

Hello. Just today one of the authors on one of the mailing lists I'm on found your art post and pointed it out to me. I hate to bother you but it seems I've offended you in some way. I know I haven't left any negative posts anywhere so this leaves me to believe that you do not approve of one or more of my stories or art. I'm sorry you don't like them, but I didn't write and draw them for you, I did them for me. I am not a vindictive person, but I don't appreciate my name being slandered without reason.
(the one and only) Murasaki Rose


From my email:

I've said it before and I'll say it again, spelling and capitalization.  They do teach these in grade school.

"Marion B" (full name and email withheld by webmistress)
Subject :   SAIYAN WANNABE!!!!
what the hell are you thinking!!!!! Right now I'm thinking of changing the CD in my stereo, who knows what I'll be thinking later.  drawing youself as a saiyan!!!!! Oh, the picture!  Well, since one the joys of being online is role-playing, I thought I'd have a little fun.  *grins*  get a life!!!!!  I do have a life, this is just a hobby, duh.  ^_^v your a super blond moron, you know that!!!!   Actually, I'm a strawberry-blond demi-saiya-jin thankyouverymuch.  *snorts and flicks tail in annoyance i hope you take out that crapy pic in your lobby!!!!! i wouldn't e-mail you if it was at least a good pic, but it sucks and so do you!!!!!! Hey, now I'll admit that isn't some of my best work, but it's not bad.  But rest assured, there will be a new pic up by the end of August.  Feel free to check back and flame me again.  yeah, that's all i have to say!!!! hope i never meet you loser!!!!! BYE!!!!!  And I wouldn't want to meet you either, you're too damn cranky.  =P

other notes:  What the hell do these idiots have against my damn tail?!!   Personally, I like my tail so what's the problem?


Well this is odd.

OK i thought u guys were just kidding
but seriously why make vegeta and goku
into fruitcups

my reply: Fruitcups?


From Fanfiction.net:

Fic in review:  Lonely Hearts
You know what? I don't like this story. you said, "if you don't like yaoi fics, then don't read this!" Well, i didn't read it. Hah! Thought you had a way to get rid of the people who'll flame your story, huh? Well, i found a loop hole! Haha! ::points finger at author::
my reply: (laughs maniacally)  Cute!  I have great respect for the smart ass, being that I'm one myself.  So I have to admit this is pretty funny.

Fic in review:  Second Chance for Love
This is the worst story on the whole fanfiction.net!I can't believe how ill you are to write such things!
my reply:  Ooookaaay.   Fine.  Apparently you read the whole thing so . . .care to tell me why you hate it so much?

Fic in review: Two Worlds, One Woman
u have no life
my reply:  You have no grammar skills.


From my Guestbook:

`Scuse me for having a life outside of my website

Friday 02/07/2003 6:31:11pm
Name: ihateyou
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: upyourass  (If he/she really is there, I'm gonna need ta eat a hell of a lot of fiber)
Favorite DBZ Character(s):
Favorite DBZ Couple(official or wish list):
i hate youi hate youi hate youi hate youi hate youi hate youi hate you you never make anything new in 2003 i hate you for that

my reply:  I'm really not sure what pissed this idiot off.  Best I can figure is that I haven't updated soon enough for him/her.  We're just over a month into 2003, I updated the site just after Christmas, and usually only update every other month during the school year anyway and this rude little shit HATES ME?!!!  Not only is he/she being an inconsiderate little prick, they seem to lack the intelligence needed for basic grammar!  Capitalization and punctuation!  Grade-schoolers write better than this!  What this person really needs to do is get a life and stop wasting space in my GB.


Ano . . .
                                                                                                                            Sunday 10/28/2001 8:15:44pm
E-Mail:  withheld by webmistress
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL:  http://
Referred By:  Just Surfed In

my reply:  When did I get a show?


Some people just don't get the point of a guest book.

                                                                                                                            Friday 10/26/2001 12:30:53am
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL:
Referred By:  Search Engine

my reply:  Hellooo!  Anyone home?  Helloooo!!  Fine.  Be that way.  See if I care.


Pulled from a private entry in my guestbook for all to see.

Name:  you dont need to know freak
E-Mail: withheld by webmistress  (I can handle this on my own)
Homepage Title:  just so i can here your stupid comments (spell check anyone?)
Homepage URL:  http://ha thats funny
Referred By:  Just Surfed In
Location:  yeah right like im goina tell you wierdo
look you weirdo if your going to write yaoi you might as well not use goku and
especially escpecially VEGETA ok you freak get a life loser write normal fanfics
oh and the pic with the blond who im guessing is you sucks you stupid whore i
love vegeta how dare you degrade him by writing that @#%$! you suck and
your a total discrace to anime fans and so are all those who write that @#%$!
vegeta is not gay nor are any of the characters stupid @#%$! and leave goku
and vegeta out of your sick little fanfics oh and if you do email me that just
proves how pathetic you are for actually reading that @#%$! i looked athe
first page and thought hello get a life loser not to mention that stupid @#%$!
with you and a tail ha dont make me laugh
hahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahaha loser
hahahhahhahhahhhahhaha lol

my reply:  I gotta admit, this one had me laughing for hours.  (sidenote:   the swearwords were probably typed in, but my guestbook has a filter for just these occasions)  Spelling, punctuation, and capitalization people!  We all learned this back in grade school.  Use it.  I am a freak, and damn proud of it.  My question is this:   Is this meant to stop me from writing?  It ain't gonna work.  I like what I do and that's all that matters to me.  If you're so close-minded about these things that's your problem not mine.  A disgrace to anime fans?  You obviously haven't watched a lot of anime.  There are many yaoi and yuri couples in several popular anime series.  The Japanese aren't so touchy about those types of relationships.   And about my entrance pic:  At least I've got the talent and the imagination to draw that, something you apparently do not have.