You know you watch too much DBZ when . . .


Catch yourself trying to ki blast someone who's annoying you.

Ever seriously think you can learn how to fly without using a plane.

Have dreams starring the DBZ gang.

Start referring to yourself by a Japanese name.

Dream in Japanese and you don't even speak Japanese . . .

Dream in subtitles.

Can't see the tops of any of your dressers because they're covered in assorted DBZ merchandise.

(US version only) Have the first 50+ episodes Cartoon Network aired memorized line-by line.

(US version only)Own both edited and unedited versions of the tapes just to make both pictures.

(US version only)Own both VHS and DVD formats of  the same episodes.

Start taking Japanese just so you can just watch "raw" copies of DBZ.  (Ha!  I knew Japanese before I ever heard of DBZ!)

You and your friends/siblings ever worked out the hand motions for a Kamehameha or any other attack

You and your friends/siblings ever performed the "fusion dance"  (My sister Makoto-chan and her friends did that at school.)

Own more DBZ figures than you have room for.

Have the entire DBZ bed-set (sheets, comforter, pillow) and are NOT in grade school.

People you hardly know refer to you as an "Authority on DBZ"

Co-workers and managers you almost never talk to send ANYONE looking for DBZ merchandise over to you because they know you'll KNOW where to get it.

Own enough DBZ shirts you could wear nothing but DBZ for an entire month.

Consider naming your children after DBZ characters.

Played one or more of the drinking games.

Spent five hours straight explaining the entire series, in detail, to a friend/family member/complete stranger and still had more to talk about.  (I did this to my father during a car trip.  He was the perfect captive audience.  Mwah ha ha ha!!)

(US version only)Started screaming at the TV when the newly dubbed Goku made his big, crappy, long, waaaay too intelligent speech to Frieza.  Not only because it sounded corny, but because you knew the real line was "Densetsu wa super saiya-jin Son Goku da!"  which translates to "I am the legendary super saiya-jin Son Goku!"  (My sisters and I all did this.  We almost started throwing stuff at the TV.)

You actually knew the original line and the translation to the afformentioned paragraph too.

Actually feel the urge to throttle the US translators, writers, voice actors, and that crappy Casio-keyboard garage band currently man-handling DBZ.

Collect the game cards just for the pictures.

Have a shrine in your room dedicated to any one character.

Are willing to buy an over-priced game deck, just because they're releasing a DBZ game on it.

Have those artificial torches, wall sconces, and hanging torches placed around a wall scroll, with candles lit all around the action figures you have on the dresser below.