Tired of checking back randomly for updates?  Want to put in your two cents worth?  Have some suggestions for me or one of the other authors?  You do?!  Well then this is the group for you!
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1. No spamming - If you steal the addresses on the list and put them on a junk mail list you will be banned!  No "if"s, "and"s, or "but"s, about it!

2. No posting non-dbz links or messages to the group!  This is not an advertising avenue!

3. Be nice - Common courtesy folks, treat others as you would like to be treated.  If I feel you've crossed the line, you'll be placed on moderated status until I feel it's safe to return you to the herd.

4. No flames! - Flamers will be dropped immediately and your comments will be placed in the hall of shame for all to see.

5. Ummm, well there is no 5 yet.  But if I think of anything, I'll post it here.

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