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So you want to know a bit about the webmistress, ne?

My Vital Stats


Name:  Jeanne(pronounced Jean)

Hair color:   red

Eye color:  blue-gray

Height:  5' 7"

Born:  February 06, 1979

Sign:  Aquarius

Favorite color:  purple (could'ja tell?)

Favorite authors:  Anne McCaffrey, Stephen King, Piers Anthony, Issac Asimov, Michael Crichton, C.S. Lewis, Anne Rice, J.R.R. Tolkien, & Douglas Adams (Yep, I'm a reader)

Best personal quotes:  "I *am* acting normal!  Okay, normal for me anyway."

"I *could* act like a normal person, but where's the fun in that?"

"The best thing about not caring what most people think about you, is watching them edge away in fear."

"Authority does not equal respectability.  If you want my respect, you'll have to earn it."

"I'm *this* close to being hauled off by the nice men in the white coats."

"Nothing wrong with being a little off, as long as no one gets hurt."

"And now . . . we dance!"

"You could wear it as a festive hat!"

Favorite TV Shows:  The Daily Show,  Mystery Science Theater 3000, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Power Puff Girls, South Park, Scooby-Doo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(Okay, some of these are from my childhood, but they're still a kick to watch), Sports Night, Home Movies, Fairly Oddparents, Danny Phantom, Stargate SG-1, Ghost Hunters

Favorite Stuffed Animal:  a 10" Mickey Mouse I've had since I was 1 that my godfather bought for me at an airport giftshop.

Favorite Foods:  Coca-Cola, cheesecake, dark chocolate, pepperoni Stuffed Crust pizza, gummi bears, beef sticks, white cheddar Cheeze-its

Career Status:  Student

Major:  Network Administration

Car:  91' white four-door Ford Taurus
         (Don't see many of those around, do ya?   o_O)

Marriage Status:  dating a wonderful fellow anime fan

Religious Affiliation:  Christian.   Leaning towards Assemblies of God but I don't really fit in at any of the local churches.  We don't see eye-to-eye on a few key points.

My favorite request to management:  "Can I *please* get a mallet from hardware?"
And their response:  "No, because you'll use it."

Theme song:   "Story of my Life" ~ Smash Mouth

Hobbies:  Reading, writing, drawing, playing video games, ghost hunting (Yes I am a nerd)

Hometown:  Springfield, MO (Yes, "heart of the Ozarks", "buckle of the bible belt", I know, I know.  ~_~  But we're also the birthplace of Cashew Chicken.  ^_^   Yummy!)


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My name in kanji.  Pretty neat, huh?


The first half of my webname:  murasaki is Japanese for purple.  So my name is Purple Rose, get it?  *nudges reader and winks*  Ahem.  *crickets chirp and Rose sweatdrops*  Moving on . . . Normally I'm human, except when I'm online or I get a visit from the anime realm.  Then I'm a demi-saiya-jin.   Currently I'm free from Wal-Mart and am now working for the school system.  I'm an overnight dispatcher for the school resource officers.  (Yes, they are REAL officers.  Either former or part-time commissioned police officers.)  I've got two younger sisters (also anime fans), both parents, and a beagle/rottweiler mix dog named Lucy.  I took 2 years of Japanese in high school and have continued studying it on my own since then.  And if you haven't figured by now, my favorite characters are Goku and Vegeta.

So who's Hikari Murasaki Rose?   Well, like Yugi is to Yami and Ryou Bakura is to Yami Bakura(this'll only make sense if you've seen Yu-Gi-Oh.), that's my relation to her.  She's my hikari, my light side.  Sweet, gentle, cheerful, easy to embarass and everything else I used to be.  *rolls eyes*  In other words she drives me bonkers.  That and she keeps calling me "yami".

I got hooked on Dragonball Z a few years ago when I first started watching it on Toonami.  My room is covered in DBZ stuff.  I've got two wallscrolls, a large poster, several pictures, one animation cel with matching pencil sketch, two daizenshuus, some doujinshi, CDs, stickers, and a ton of the action figures, from 1" high to 16".  As well as tons of videos both in English and fansubs.  More recently, I've started getting the DVD's which are much better than the videos.  I've been an anime fan since I first saw Voltron when I was a kid.  DBZ isn't the only series I like, but it is my favorite, hands down.  I also like Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sorcerer Hunters, Inu Yasha, Sailor Moon, Tenchi, Ronin Warriors (Samurai Troopers), Fushigi Yugi, Pokemon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Vampire Hunter D, Iria, Princess Rouge, Gundam Wing, Gatekeepers, Blue Seed, El Hazard, FAKE, Ceres, Gravitation, and others.

I started working on my fanfics shortly after I got hooked on DBZ.   As my information on the series and characters grew, my stories changed dramatically.  I scrapped a lot of my first ideas.  Would you believe that I had Dragonball Guardians originally appearing as adults when they fought the saiya-jins?   Anyway, I never wrote any of it down.  (I was too embarrassed!)  Finally, after reading fics written by other girl authors, I decided to tell my sisters about my fic and they convinced me to write it down and post it.  So here I am.  Murasaki Rose:   fanfiction author, fan artist, all-around DBZ fangirl.