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Ah, so you've decided to brave my office, huh?
Not even Goku or Vegeta will come up here.

Well, since you're here you might as well look around.



Rules on how and what I accept and where to send it.

About Me
You really want to know more about me?   You're sure.  *shrugs shoulders*
Okay, but remember, you asked for it.

Rants & Ramblings
Where I vent my frustrations at the world or talk on and on about what's got me excited.
*blinks, then glares darkly*  Not that type of excited you hentai!

My opinions on some of the DBZ merchandise out on the US market.
Watch out for random boughts of sarcasm.

My Blog
Essentially, my online journal.

Personality Quizes / Awards / Fanlists

Wish List
Items I'm looking for to add to my collection.