Warning!!  All reviews are based solely on my own opinions.  I rate everything on a 1-10 scale (10 being a must have and 1-only for the truly obsessed fan).  My ratings are based on quality, price, and whether or not its any fun.  I do not collect for resale value!  I only collect what I like.  If you want market prices, resale values, or advice on items that will go up in worth, consult Toyfare or someone who buys and sells toys for a living.


DBGT Basic Figure:   Series 1
Produced by:  Jakks Pacific
Rating: 6

So why'd these get a higher rating?   Simple two of the figures in this series actually look pretty cool.  Pan and Rirudo both have excellent sculpts and paint jobs, I'd give the two of them an 8 or 9.   It's the Goku and Trunks figures I'm having problems with.  Goku's head is waaaaayyy too big for his body and Trunks . . . . poor Trunks looks even gayer than that horrid outfit makes him look.  `Tis truly sad.

Bottom line:  Get Pan and Rirudo, they'll be nice for your collection.  Skip the rest unless you're a completist.

Basic Figure:   Series 13-? and double pack(fusion, evil, etc)
Produced by: Jakks Pacific
Rating: 4

Oh dear god.  What the hell are they thinking?!  Jakks has gone completely tacky on us!  We've got repainted figures(shiny, PEARLIZED paint!) from the Irwin line and the new figures look like they're on crack.

Bottom line:  Save your money, go buy some Yu-Gi-Oh figures.   You'll be happier for it.

Basic Figure:   Series 12
Produced by:  Jakks Pacific
Rating: 10

Jakks first venture into the standard DBZ action figures is more than promising.  Quality sculpts and paint jobs and our first decent Tien figure!

Bottom line: A definite must have for any collector.

Battle Ready Warriors:  Series 4
Produced by:  Jakks Pacific
Rating: 8

Nifty little figures with bases that make the figures light up and make noise.  With excellent paint jobs and sculpts, I highly recommend these for your collection.  The only thing keeping them from getting a 10 is the fact that the bases spout cornball lines done by the piss-ass poor American voice actors.

Bottom line: Cool and collectible, as long as you don't turn them on they're great to have.

9" Movie Collection:  Series 4
Produced by:  Jakks Pacific
Rating: 6

The latest in the series is the worst to date.  I sum if up with one word.  FUGLY.  There's just no getting around it.  >_<

Bottom line: I wouldn't bother unless you're a completist.

9" Movie Collection:  Series 2 & 3
Produced by: IF labs
Rating: 7

Series 2 & 3 brought greater detail to the series, but also lost some of the distinct look that DBZ had.  More veins and bulgier muscles, gives these figures a more steriod-esque effect. 

Bottom line: If you like steriod-bound musclemen, go for it.  But if you like your figures to resemble the characters as close as possible, skip this series.

9" Movie Collection:  Series 1
Produced by: Irwin Toys
Rating: 8

The first of the nine inch figures was also the coolest.  While the paint jobs of later series were more detailed, these three figures were much more true to the series art.

Bottom line:  If you can find them, snag them fast.

Energy Blasters
Produced by: 
Irwin Toys

OH KAMI ARE THESE THINGS COOL!!!  Not only do they light up but they actually make noise too!  And not the crappy American voice actors but the energy and SSJ aura sounds!  Very cool.  Top that off with excellent sculpts and we've got a major winner!

Bottom Line:  What you're still here?!  Go out and get these figures now!

Secret Saiyan Warriors
Produced by:  Irwin Toys
Rating: 5

And it seemed like such a good idea at the time . . .  Somebody must have hit the entire staff at Irwin on the head when the final sculpts came through for these.  Admittedly, the mini-figures are very cool and are actually worth owning.   Unfortunately, each mini-figure is accompanied by a rubber SSJ shell(to simulate transformation) of the character.  The only problem is the shell body has NO NECK.   It looks like someone squashed them with a really big hammer.  Yech.  Add a $10 price tag and things just get uglier.

Bottom Line:  Seriously, I only recommend these to completists or parents with younger kids that won't notice the lack of neck.

Striking Fighters
Produced by:  Irwin Toys
Rating: 7

I'll start off by saying that I knew this was going to happen.   Just like the Ninja Action Turtles before them, they just don't work as advertised.   Oh, they do the actions all-right.  But the regular action figures could do the same.  ~_~  After following the instructions for the kicking Goku figure the Can-can tune started playing in my mind, which promptly led to thoughts of . . . chorus line!! *starts humming Can-can and imagines a chorus line of Gokus*  Still, they are very nifty sculpts, the Goku one gets an extra point `cause he's shirtless!   Whoo hoo!

Bottom Line:  A little pricey considering they're charging you for an action feature that sucks.  Overall, a good action figure that would make a nice addition to your colection.

Dragonball Z:  Power Showdown (Electronic Game)
Produced by:  MGA Entertainment
Rating: 4

Okay so MGA's second foray into electronic gaming isn't too much better than their first but at least you can test it in the store.  Yes, this little disaster is shipped with a try-me set of batteries.  Also, you can share the horror as this baby is a one or two player game!  The graphics are your typical LCD pics, you know, stiff and goofy looking.  It comes with two little figures (SSJ Goku and Frieza) which you use as joysticks.  Oookaaay.  (blinks confusedly)   Action figures do not a comfy joystick make.  There are some cool features to this that gave it a higher rating than its handheld cousin, Battle for Namek.  One it shakes!  Rumble features are always cool in a fighting game.  Two, it's a two player game!  And three, the base of the unit, while large and a little heavy, is nicely sculpted.

Bottom line:  A little better but still kinda lame.  It's also a little pricey, $19.96 at Wal-Mart.  Wait for it to go on clearance before getting one.

Dragonball Z:  Battle for Namek (Handheld Game)
Produced by:  MGA Entertainment
Rating: 2

Okay, something nice . . .eto . . . it is DBZ . . . and there's a nifty little Goku you can attach to the top.  It's also cheap, only $9.96 at Wal-Mart.  With only three levels and mind-numbingly simple gameplay, this is only worth buying if you're a complete DBZ otaku.

Bottom line:  I think I've said everything I could about it.

Pojo's Unofficial Total Dragonball Z Book
Printed by:  Triumph Entertainment
Rating: 7

Overall, the book is nicely done and full of great facts.    It has a great episode guide for Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT and the U.S. Dragonball Z.  There are a lot of pics throughout the book, and the 3D ones are a nice touch ( You get 3D glasses too!  ^_^ ). Here's what kept this book from getting a higher rating:  1. Errors.  I'm not even going to try and list all of them, but there's enough of them to be very annoying.   2. The card strategy section.  Most DBZ fans do not play the card game, and those who do will want a better book.  Also if your gonna do a card price guide, then you should just cover the whole merchandise line and make a separate book.  3.  Unnecessary fillers.  I gotta say it.  We do not care which actors and actresses the staff at Pojo thinks should play the Z senshi if there should ever be a live action movie done here in the US.  ( Their choices leave much to be desired. )  And then there's the overly long intro piece that doesn't tell us anything most fans didn't know already.  4. Spelling errors?!!  I couldn't believe it when I found them, yes there's more than one.  Why didn't the editors catch these?!  Isn't that what they're paid to do?!   5. Picture quality.  Even your basic Paint Shop Pro program can fix the blurry and grainy pictures that were frequently thrown into this book.  Basically, for a bunch of guys who say they're big fans, they kinda dropped the ball and didn't put as much effort into it as they could have.  Take the word "total" out of the title guys, you're not even close.

Bottom line:  The book is nice, but if you want dead on info and great quality pics, go to Planet Namek.  They've got a lot more to offer and you don't have to pay for it.  Makes a nice birthday or Christmas gift, though.