But I was royally pissed off.


April 10, 2009 - Why do they hate the American fans so much?
(And I thought it was a long gap in postings before.  Yeesh.  @_@)  I mean seriously. We buy their merchandise, spend hours creating websites that give them free advertisement . . . and then they go and stab us right in the back, then the heart, then they twist. My oldest muses took it especially hard, seeing as its connected them in a manner.

I'm referring of course to that first-class, grade-A piece of GARBAGE that is the new American Dragonball movie. When I was subjected to the first trailer, I literally felt like I had just been punched in the face.

1st offense: Goku is a teenager. An AMERICAN teenager. A WEAK American teenager with no confidence or friends! What kind of screwed up bullshit is that! In the REAL Dragonball, Goku is a kind, naive, powerhouse and had several friends by the time he reached his later teens. This first offense is unforgivable alone, but I'll continue anyway.
2nd offense: What in the hell is with this descendent of the Sun and Moon god bullshit?!  Not only do we have a wimpy Goku who gains magical strength from this load of crap but now he and Piccolo HAVE to fight?!  What happened to Demon King Piccolo who wanted to take over the world?!
3rd offense: The Dragonballs. What the hell did they do to the damn Dragonballs?! Simplest thing in the world, you gather all seven, you get any wish within the dragon's power granted. That's it. Nooo!! That's too simple! No, we have to bullshit it up and make them into some magical anti-end-of-the-world repellent to jazz things up! (I will personally maim the first person to mention GT, that wasn't written by Toriyama and broke a lot of previously established cannon rules.)
4th offense: Where the hell are Kuririn, Tien, Ranchi, & Chouzu? Oh wait, Goku has no friends. AUGH!! Stupid bastards!
5th offense: Kamesennin (Master Roshi) is neither old nor a pervert.
6th offense: Bulma's hair. Granted, a minor complaint, but these assholes don't deserve any leniency at this point.
7th offense: Where the hell is Goku's tail? *points angrily at his and Gohan's furry tails*

I'm sure should I end up watching this steaming pile of shit, I'd find more things that piss me off, but as I don't intend to see it unless someone puts a gun to my head, it's safe to say I won't be learning much more about it. So a round of double-fingered salutes to 20th Century Fox and everyone else involved in this movie. You all totally suck.

My sincerest hope is that the movie tanks at the box office and falls quickly out of circulation.

June 01, 2004 - CYOAs and why they suck
Boy it's been awhile since I wrote in here.  *shrugs*  Eh, blame it on my blog and my DevArt journal.  Anywho, lets get to the rant, shall we?  =P  CYOA  stands for Choose Your Own Adventure.  You might remember these books from grade school.   You know, get to a certain point and the book lets you choose what to do.   Then either you get your character in to a worse mess or save the day, or whatever.   I had a Transformers one.  ^_^  They were great fun up until about 6th-7th grade.  Then they were just plain immature.  Now lately I've been reading a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction.  (See?  All that did have a point!)  And there's a disturbing amount of CYOA fiction showing up.  One or two would have been okay, especially if they'd been action/adventure type fics, but nooooo!  Every single one, is a fucking self-insert ROMANCE FIC!!!!  ARGH!!!!  The ultimate in Mary-Sue behavior and they won't stop!!  Grow-up and write some real fiction!!!  GAHHH!!!!!!

October 06, 2003 - Absolutely shameless
And horrible in several senses of the word.  In my simple search to fuel my newest obsession(Yu-Gi-Oh) I have found more porn sites than ever before!  Not just any porn though, hardcore porn that young eyes should NOT be witnessing!  And to make matters worse, they're using keywords from popular shows to lure people in!  It's disgusting and low.  *snags her mallet and stalks off on the hunt*

July 06, 2003 - What we do and don't own . . .
Honestly, this should've occurred to me YEARS ago.  Where in the hell do fan sites get off claiming ownership to series original pictures?!  (No, not fanart.  The other pictures, like the ones I keep on the 1st floor.)  These pictures were drawn for ALL fans to enjoy, not claim as their own.  I.E.~Someone gets an artbook, scans the pictures, then has the balls to tell viewers that not only may they only use a certain number of images and they have to ASK PERMISSION first!!!  Then they plaster their damn logo all over them and ruin some great pics!  Some even go so far as to tell viewers they can't use THEIR pictures at all!!  Excuse me asshole, did you draw those?!  No?  Then shut the hell up!!!  You don't want to see them on someone else's site, take them down!  So you scanned them, big flippin deal.  Nobody made you do it.  The polite webmasters will link back to you and the rest won't.  That artwork is the property of whatever company/production studio/artist that created it and only theirs.

March 23, 2003 - On the subject of Pojo . . .
Ooohhhh boy, these guys just keep getting dumber.  There's nothing wrong with having a fan site.  There's nothing wrong with having a bad fan site.  Hell, there's nothing wrong with having a crappy site that you think is good, that's just sad.  There IS something wrong with a site run by morons that claim to be experts and passes itself off as an official site just because they publish a f#&!@^ CARD MAGAZINE!!!!  The worst part is that people fall for it!  Believing that these dipshits know what they're talking about.   Wake up people!  It's a fan site.  Just like this and thousands of others, and believe me, I know plenty that are better.  As a side note, their image gallery is full of grainy, blurry screen caps (just like their magaziness) that they shouldn't even have bothered posting.  Son Gohan and Comic City did ones five years ago that were a thousand times better and they were just fans getting screen caps off of FANSUBS.  *growls, tail lashing*

February 28, 2003 - @#$%! frames!!
What in the hell possesses a sane person to use these damn things!!!  Okay, I'll admit for the opening page their kinda nice.   It gives the guest a clear shot at everything on your site without using up a lot of space.  But beyond that, they suck ass.  They take up a huge amount of screen space so if you're viewing art or fanfiction, you're left with a tiny section of screen to view on.  And with some artwork the only way you can see the whole thing is to save the damn picture to your hard drive.  >_<    Then there's the links.  Oh the links.  *sighs*  Every site simply comes up WITHIN THE FRIGGIN' FRAMES!!!!  When we're checking the links, we don't want to stay at your site, we want to leave!  ARGH!!!!

Whoa.  THAT'S been building up for a while.  I feel better now.

Nov 10, 2002 - I'm beginning to think I'm cursed
Seriously.  In the last year I've managed to lose three, count them three cars.  @_@  I've been hit by a high schooler, rear-ended by an SUV, and now my latest car went up in flames.  Literally.  We had to call the fire department to put the damn thing out.  >_<  So once again, I'm being forced to rely on others for transportation.  Anyone with a license and a car of their own can empathize.  Gah, now I need another car!

July 06, 2002 - If you're not gonna keep it up, don't list it on search engines
If there's one thing that annoys the hell out of me it's crappy websites that hog the search engines.  Now don't get me wrong, minna.   I think that everyone has the right to put up a website.  Hell, mine started out crappy too.  But I had the decency to keep it in the shadows until it was worth viewing.  It's all too common to put up a search and have 49 out of every 50 sites either be out of commission or under construction.  It's extremely frustrating.   I have a small favor to ask of any future webmasters.  Please, please, PLEASE, don't go around promoting your site until you've got something to offer.  Sankyuu.

June 12, 2002 - SHOURI!!!!
VICTORY!!!!  I won!  I won!  I won!  I finished Luigi's Mansion!!  Yatta!  Yatta!  YATTA!!!    And I got a type B mansion!  Now I can go back and do it all over again!   But this time it'll be harder.  *tail wags eagerly in anticipation*

May 12, 2002 - My aim sucks
After weeks of waiting and driving everyone at work insane, I finally got a copy of Resident Evil for my Gamecube.  I could go on about the chilling sounds and vivid(read: realistic) graphics, but that's not the point of this rant.  I will say this, the game's as creepy as hell.  Ya gotta keep your eyes peeled and your ears open in this one. Now the point of the rant is this:  I can't aim.  I keep shooting over the @#$% zombies heads!  Thus resulting in damage, death, and my poor character becoming a tasty zombie treat.  *growls in frustration, tail lashing*   But I will continue to work on this problem until I am victorious!  That and I figured out where the auto attack option is.  *grins evilly*

March 31, 2002 - Of SUVs and Video Games
Okay, this is part rant and part rambling.  The rant involves the @#$%! SUV.  About a week and a half ago, I was rear-ended by an SUV.   I was just sitting there, minding my own business, waiting to make a left turn when BAM!  I get hit.  And let me tell you, if you've never been in an accident:  whiplash is a bitch.  Especially if you have a physical job.  >_<   This is the second time this year I've been hit.  My parents think that either I'm a car magnet or God stuck a "hit me" target on me when I wasn't looking.  I hope that isn't the case, `cause I don't think my nerves can handle a third one.  Okay!  On to the rambling!  I've been playing Super Smash Brothers Melee on my Gamecube with my sisters alot this week and we've come to a conclusion.  I am the Linkmaster.  Bishounen Link or kawaii Young Link, it doesn't matter.  After watching me tear through the 100 man melee, my sisters decided to never play against me when I get determined to win.  I'm dangerous.  *grins*

February 20, 2002 - I got Mirai Trunks again!
Okay, so I've gotten into this habit of taking those "Which DBZ character are you most like?" tests.  And everytime I take one, I end up with Mirai Trunks!  Well, I am rather quiet and withdrawn around people I don't know or in new situations.  And I do have a tendancy to attract bad luck, only to eventually struggle my way back to the top.  So I guess I am like him.   But Goku and `Geta are still my favorites!  ^_^

February 12, 2002 - What's in a name?
Well, I changed my name.  No longer will I go by Jianu, now I am Murasaki(purple) Rose.  Why change it, you ask?  Weeelllll, when I first started my fanfic, I named the main character Jianu.  Then as my page became more popular, I decided to stop using my real name and use hers.  Big mistake.   I was new to the fanfiction world at the time and was unaware of author self-inserts.  Naturally, people reading my work automatically assumed my character and I were the same person.  Fat chance.  She's a 6'4" human and I'm a 5'7" demi-saiya-jin.  Big difference, ne?  Ja ne!  Murasaki Rose

January 18, 2002 - Who thought ghosts could be this much fun?
Yesterday I got my GameCube off of lay-a-way and let me tell you, I am having an absolute blast!  In the short time I have to play with it.  *grumbles under breath about sadistic Trig professors*  I bought Luigi's Mansion to go with it and I looooove it!  The effects are breath-taking, the music is catchy, and the attention to detail is a fantastic touch!  You can see Luigi shaking in fear!  It's wild!  With all the fun I'm having now, I can't wait to see what Nintendo's got in store for us!

January 06, 2002 - PS2 and GameCube . . . Gotta love 'em!
This has got to be the BEST year to be a gamer.   Sony and Nintendo are gracing us with some of the most wonderful games I've ever seen!  Not only are they beautiful, but they're fun to play!  Aieee!!!!!   Grand Theft Auto 3, Final Fantasy X(I nearly passed out when I saw the commercial), Silent Hill 2, Grand Turismo 3, Metal Gear Solid 2 . . . all fine examples of just what a PS2 is capable of doing.  (I will own them all.)  Then there's Nintendo:  Luigi's Mansion, Rogue Squadron 2, Super Monkey Ball (should be called Super "addictive" Monkey Ball), Pikmin, Super Smash Brothers Melee . . . definite "must haves".  Both decks have fantastic sports games.  And for you fighting fans, keep your eyes peeled for Soul Caliber 2 for the Gamecube!  It's sure to beat the pants off of Dead or Alive 3(Not that many of the fighters are wearing them)!   Seriously, if you don't have both of these decks, make plans to get them ASAP.    And if you've got an X-Box, trade it in for one of these.  Believe me, you won't regret it.  Keep this in mind:  Halo is coming out on the PC soon!

November 12, 2001 - TOSsed again
And once more, without an explanation.  I've got a funny feeling that it's not gonna be restored this time.  You know, sometimes I think I'm cursed.  Why is it so damn hard to keep a DBZ fanpage up!  What do people have against them?!  It's not the TOSsing that upsets me so much, it's the lack of communication or warning!  Shouldn't they at least give me a day or two to recover my files?!  Fortunately the files I  lost are all replacable.  But what about people who don't have backups?  Anyhow, I finally caved in, put the money aside and bought my own little piece of the web.  And it's a cryin' shame I had to.  I mean come on!  I wasn't making any money off any of this and I sure wasn't hurting anyone, so what's the problem?

September 12, 2001 - The loss of innocent lives is NOTHING to rejoice over
Warning!  I was very angry when I wrote this and there is some intense swearing here.
     As I sit here typing a wave of intense anger washes over me.  Yesterday, my country was attacked by cowards of the highest degree.  Without warning, hijacking and crashing four of our commercial airplanes and killing hundreds of innocent people.  These bastards didn't even have the courage to announce that they were even responsible, but I have faith that they will be found.  WHAT THE HELL DID ANY OF THOSE PEOPLE DO TO HURT ANYONE?!!  They were just going about their lives and suddenly, BAM!!  Taken out by a group of spineless, psychotic bastards.  And for what?!  What is this going to accomplish?!   All it's done is cause unnecessary pain and sorrow and pissed off the United States which is one of the DUMBEST things to do.  Our current administration will not sit idle and I'm sure will not simply give the terrorists a slap on the hand.  This is inexcusable and unforgivable.  My mother told me that in some countries over in the Pakistan area they were dancing in the streets.  THAT makes me sick beyond words.   How fucked-up do you have to be to celebrate the deaths of innocent people?!!!   (sighs heavily)  I don't want a war, but I do want those spineless, godless, son-of-a-bitches who did this to pay.  I know when they die, God will see they get a fit punishment, but I sure would like to see it start here in this world.

August 15, 2001 - Girls can be knowledgable about electronics!!!!
     If you've read my bio then you already know that I work in the electronics department at one of the local Wal-Mart's. (we've got five plus a Sam's Club)  As a woman in this area I am constantly bombarded with the question, "Do you work in this department?"   No, I'm just back here for my health!!  What kills me is this always comes when I'm in the middle of some project or another.  Scanning items to be ordered, making labels, standing on the ladder pulling down stereos or other merchandise to stock the shelves, re-arranging the video games, etc.  Why the HFIL would I be doing stuff back here if I didn't work over here?!!  If I ever heard people ask the male associates this question it wouldn't bother me, but they don't.  Believe me I've asked them to be sure.  I'm not the only woman who has this problem either so it's not just me.  Worse is the patronizing attitude men (and a few women) give me when I'm trying to help them work out a problem.  Electronics have always been a hobby of mine and I have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to TVs, VCRs, DVD players, PCs, stereos, phones of all types, and even wiring around the house.  I'm back there for a reason people and my badge does not say cashier.  Now not everyone is like this and most customers recognize me and other women as people who know what we are talking about.   To the rest of you dipwads, come join the rest of us in the 21st century.